Tubular Blues Tube


The New Tubular Blues Tube©!



Bob Stannard is pleased to announce the first new accessory for the Harmonica since the Neck Rack.


The Tubular Blues Tube was inspired by Blues Legend, Jerry Portnoy. When Jerry received the first prototype his response was, “WOW. It’s beautiful and sounds great”!



.                  The Blues Tube is Born!                    .




The Tubular Blues Tube is manufactured by Manchester Hot Glass Glass Blower Extraordinaire, Andrew Weil.





Each Tubular Blues Tube is a handmade and hand blown glass resonator made solely for the harmonica. No two are alike and no two will sound exactly alike. The “muted” sound that is acquired by playing through the Tubular Blues Tube is unlike anything you have ever heard. It’s fat, mellow and of course it’s a piece of “Musical Art”. Each one is distinctively beautiful and one of a kind handmade piece of musical artwork.



The Tubular Blues Tube can be yours for only $50.00 (plus $9.95 shipping and handling)